Erasure, I Realized The Fix Was In

by Annakarina

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This is the first release where the 4 of us contributed equally to the writing process.


released May 20, 2015

Craig Hodgkins - Guitar/Vocals
Michael Freund - Bass/Vocals
Travis Lamanna - Drums
Jeremy Flynn - Guitar/Vocals

Recorded by Craig Hodgkins & Brian Dellinger
Mixed & Mastered by Craig Hodgkins

Art by Josh Nevada

Released by Broken World Media (lathes), Driftwood Records (tape), Special Death (tape)



all rights reserved


Annakarina Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Knocking On A Door That Opens Towards You
I just want to see you
I just want to see you starve,
Turn on yourself in death,
With anagrams you thought were virtues.
Summon desire to stop
the blood, I...
I sob.
What on earth made you think death was rest?
Why are the smallest pains the most painful?
Did you learn the secret?
Just let me go.
You can live with it.
Did you learn the secret?
Death let me go.
You can live with it.
Track Name: Lovers As Symbols of Equals (Semele's Death Fantasy)
Hera handmaiden, you tricked me you craven, my lover he showed me himself.
Hera he killed me I asked him to fill me, it wasn’t fulfilling at all.
Wanted to show, that we were both equals.
Lovers as symbols of equals
Ice in water,
Closed eyes
That are red behind
Time will take it's casualties.

Shame prevents me
Live death
I can't sleep
You won't let me
I go
You stay
Am I
Your eyes
Your thighs
You were disguised
Live, death
Track Name: Paula Batory Confronts Her Daughter's Corpse
I didn't mean to scare you
When I asked you to kill me
That one night
With your bare hands.
I only meant I loved you
I only meant I trusted you
We were both drunk
We never spoke of it again

Realize the moon will always be full
Under the vigil mass
The unexplained ceiling of stars
Will remain unexplained

The love and the hate as she sees her Corpse laid bare
The mother, the father, number her bones
I hate her, I hate her, it's those lights that killed hee
The mother, the father, the catecuman